(AGES 3-6)

This fun and exciting program teaches more than just Martial Arts. We believe that children at this age are very impressionable. With this program, we set out to teach our Little Dragons the importance of good citizenship, and respect for others. We also focus on self-respect, self-discipline, and focus- as well as their Martial Arts technique and skill.

*Our goal with this program is to promote a child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.


This awesome program is designed to teach life skills such as: confidence, self-discipline, respect and focus and physical martial arts skills. This program will also provide them with the significance of good character development, and the importance of greater academic achievement.

*Our focus is to develop their can-do attitude mentality through goal setting and individual accomplishments that will build their self esteem.

(AGES 12 & UP)

Sidekicks Adults & Teens appreciate the difference between a typical workout program and true martial arts training. Along with a full workout, you also learn technique and skills that gives you more than what just running on a treadmill or weightlifting will give you.
Along with the well recognized stress relief benefits, and empowerment, the techniques you will learn here at Sidekicks will give you a higher level of self confidence that you need to go above and beyond your personal goals.

We work very hard to ensure our Adult & Teen students are challenged in a way that not only stretches them to greater boundaries, but keeps them working harder to achieve their goals.

*Our self-defense techniques could make the difference between you and some you know being taken advantage of. We make sure that every situation you could be in is covered in class in a safe controlled environment.


BJJ focuses on grappling and ground positioning in order to gain a dominant position over opponents. Once position is established, BJJ teaches the use of chokes and joint manipulation in order to defend oneself. BJJ focuses on core strength, flexibility, and dexterity.

Whether you are learning for competition, self-defense, or just looking to expand your knowledge of martial arts, our BJJ program offers a great learning experience for students of all ages.

*Brazilian Ju-Jitsu promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker individual can, by using proper technique, successfully defend themselves against larger, stronger assailants.


Give your child something fun and exciting to do after school! Your child will learn life skills – Confidence, Concentration, Self-discipline, Strength, and Goal Setting – all in a fun, friendly and safe environment. We provide a safe and fun alternative to daycare, providing martial arts classes that your children can participate in five days a week instead of unstructured daycare.

Sidekicks Martial Arts will pick up your children from school and bring them to our facility. In addition to the physical Martial Arts skills, they learn safety and life skills as well as good character development.