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I am writing this letter to thank you for all your help with my son Javier. He has shown us a lot of improvement in his attitude and with his confidence. He starts cleaning up his room without being asked to and helps us out around the house. He's also listening a lot better as well. Once again, thank you very much!
Posted By: The Navarretes
Kendal has made great progress in the following areas: Cleaning his room, picking up after himself, taking out the trash without being told, starting his homework immediately after school and most of all striving to control his ADHD. Kendal has not had any medication for over a month and I would contribute this to the training he has received at Sidekicks. Control, focus and respect have been his greatest improvements.
Posted By: Kendal's Dad
Jack is doing since beginning classes at Sidekicks. He has been much more responsive at home when asked to do chores, homework, ect. He responds with " Yes, Mom!". He looks forward to class and ask " when do we go to karate?" I never have to remind him to get ready to go.
Posted By: Suzanne & Tracy Harrison
"My six year old son has always been a perfectionist and often wanted to quit something new if it was hard, but he is learning that practice and hard work pay off. He is so proud when he gains a new performance stripe or belt."
Posted By: Amy Adams
Frisco, Texas
Jonathan continues to improve in both his attitude and helpfulness at home. Over the past few weeks he has gotten better at keeping his toys picked up, without being asked. Two days ago, Jonathan helped his mother unload and put away the groceries, without being asked. Whenever he sees us doing chores around the house he offers to help. We continue to be impressed with Jonathan's improvement.

Thanks to Sidekicks for all your help.
Posted By: Jonathan's Dad
Little Elm

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