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"Providing quality martial arts training for adults and children in a family-friendly environment for over 20 years with locations in Carrollton, McKinney and Little Elm/Frisco Texas." 


"Providing a safe, fun and family-friendly environment with fully matted workout floors." 


"We hand pick our staff to find the most motivational instructors in the country. As martial artists several of our instructors hold world titles. As teachers they are unsuprassed in providing individual attention leadership and patience." 


"Are you a shuttle parent? Are you trying to juggle several activities? With classes available to you six days a week you can virtually write your own schedule and change it every week." 


This shows our ongoing commitment to provide you with excellent service and stand behind our words. You will see progress in your child guaranteed! 


We have flexible monthly tuition which gives you the opportunity to chose a payment program within your budget.


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World Class Instruction

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instructorsWe at Sidekicks make it a priority that we provide to our students world class instruction from instructors that are motivational, inspiring, and care about your progress. Many members of our staff have competed all around the country in various forms of martial arts competition.

The combined experience of our instructors is second to none! Our standards for our instructors are first class all the way. We want our staff impacting our students in the most positive ways they can.


PTA Fundraisers

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We, here at Sidekicks Martial Arts, would like to share with your school, what we share with so many other schools in the CFBISD. We have structured and designed programs which allow us to integrate into your P.E. classes with interactive and fun participation. All while showing positive reinforcement to help the children find reward in what we are teaching.

Our programs are as follows:

  • Stranger Danger: In this program we teach your child the importance of self awareness and being aware while in general surroundings. They are taught simple, yet effective ways to deal with being approached by a stranger and other dangerous situations they might find themselves in when coming into contact with a person they do not know. More info here.
  • Bully Busters: We also touch on what it is like to be bullied, or are you a bully yourself?!! Teaching them that being bullied is not always a physical encounter, but for some children a mental and verbal challenge for them to overcome everyday. We teach them what to do, in a non-violent manner, but also to recognize if they are bullying others without realizing it. More info here.
  • The ABC’s of Success: We correlate their lives in school with that of martial arts training. Meaning we want then to understand that the same focus, drive and determination which gains you knowledge and training in martial arts can be applied to school and home life. This will entice them to do their best in everything they do so they always achieve the best results possible. More info here.

Again these programs are designed to be interactive and not rely entirely on lecture. We find that activity while learning does tend to stimulate attentiveness with the children and also help them retain better as well. We thank you for the opportunity and look forward to working with the children in your school.