Muay Thai Kickboxing

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Muay Thai is the martial art from Thailand. A striking martial art that uses the hands and feet, with emphasis on strikes using elbows, knees, and shins.  Muay Thai can be learned for self-defense and physical fitness, as well as competition.

Women's Self Defense

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The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of those that do evil, but because of those who watch it and let it happen. - Albert Einstein

4girlsViolence against women is an everyday reality. It can cast a shadow over many women's movements in public and private settings. The possibility alone is enough to terrorize women to the point where many feel unable to do everyday activities or even wearing certain clothing. One answer to this threat is Women's Self-Defense.

Since violence against women does not discriminate against age, class, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, it is important that all women, no matter how young or old, are taught the basic means to defend themselves. Women's self-defense offers possibilities for both reacting to and preventing violent situations. It gives women both physical and critical tools to respond to potentially harmful and life threatening encounters.

This seminar addresses self-defense education in two ways: through awareness and fighting back. We signify confidence in several ways. One of the first things we teach is how to present yourself as a "hard target" and making yourself appear confident and aware.

According to statistics, eighty percent of women who yelled and ran from an attacker were able to get away without physical harm. Sixty percent who either yelled or ran… got away. Therefore, the second step we teach is a woman’s ability to act for themselves and the ability to fight back. Each class is taught that her voice is a weapon and can be just as harmful to an attacker as any physical technique she might use.

The third step is physical technique. We begin with the basics, using your keys, purse or shopping bags as weapons, striking vulnerable body parts (e.g., knees, throat, eyes, nose), to kicks and punches taught in the schools regular martial arts curriculum. Each student is given an opportunity to practice these techniques hands on by combining both verbal and physical techniques on padded targets.

Self-defense education has both immediate and long-term effects. Students will leave this seminar with the necessary skills and information to decrease their chances of becoming a victim.

Sidekicks Martial Arts has been providing quality martial arts instruction to adults and children in the Carrollton, Little Elm and McKinney communities since 1994. Master Rine and his qualified staff are unsurpassed in providing individual attention, leadership, and patience.

Demo Team

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Sidekicks Martial Arts Demonstration Team can bring some exciting entertainment to your next event!

  • School presentations
  • Assemblies
  • PTA
  • Fund Raisers
  • Sporting half-time shows for football, basketball, baseball, soccer
  • Corporate business events
  • Church fund raisers
  • Festivals

Call now to schedule the Sidekicks Martial Arts Demo Team for your next event.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Brazilian Ju Jitsu promotes the principal that a smaller, weaker individual can, by using proper technique, successfully defend themselves against larger, stronger assailants.

BJJ is focuses on grappling and ground positioning in order to gain dominate position over opponents. Once position is established, BJJ teaches the use of chokes and joint manipulation in order to defend yourself. BJJ focuses on core strength, flexibility, and dexterity.

Whether you are learning for competition, self-defense, or just looking to expand your knowledge of martial arts, our BJJ program offers a great learning experience for students of all ages.


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adults_teensOur Adults and Teens program is designed for ages 12 and up.

Sidekicks Adults & Teens appreciate the difference between a typical workout program and true martial arts training. Along with a full workout, you also learn technique and skill that gives you more then what just running on a treadmill or lifting weight will give you.

Along with the well recognized stress relief benefits as well as empowerment, the technique you will learn here at Sidekicks will give you a higher level of self confidence you need to go above and beyond your personal goals.

We work very hard to ensure our Adult & Teen students are challenged in a way that not only stretches them to greater boundaries, but keeps them working harder to continue to achieve.

Our self-defense techniques could make the difference between you and some you know being taken advantage of. We make sure that every situation you could be in is covered in class in a safe controlled environment.