The ABCs of Success

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The ABC’s of Success ties life skills with physical martial arts movements and concepts.

We will show you how to use these life skills not only in the martial arts training, but also in school and other areas of your life to make you more successful.

bullybusterspassThe theme of this presentation is goal setting by using the principles of The ABC’s of Success. This presentation teaches you the student to apply these principles to obtain any goal you may set in the future.

T – TECHNIQUE: Is a simple tool we use to help us reach our goals. Every word we learn to spell, each math problem we solve, and every book we read is a technique to help us become a better student.

A – AIM: or focus. If you ever want to accomplish a goal, you must be able to concentrate and stay focused on what steps are important to turn your goal into reality.

B – BACK UP: Parent and Teachers are your back up. They are here to help you achieve your goals for your future.

C – CONFIDENCE: Confidence is the inner belief that you can achieve any goal you decide to work toward.

S – SPEED: speed means to move quickly, whether it is your mind or body. Don’t put of tomorrow, what you can do today. Once you decided on something or have set a goal, we have to start toward that goal immediately.

Complete your second lesson by coming in, and breaking a board in front of your parents!