Bully Busters

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Teach your child to be prepared mentally by learning to see the big picture and by using these three lines of self defense:

  • Prevent/Avoid: We prevent a fight by avoiding it. We see it coming, so we can stop it before it starts.
  • Prepare/Resolve: When a conflict or a fight becomes unavoidable, we prepare our brains by using non-violent verbal skills to resolve the situation.
  • Protect/Manage: We protect ourselves by learning physical self defense skills; knowing them gives us the confidence not to use them unless we must as a last resort. If we can’t avoid or resolve, we may have to call upon our physical skills to humanely stop the conflict.

12 Basic Tools to Help You Deal with Bully Situations

  1. Make friends. Treat the bully as a friend — instead of as an enemy.
  2. Use humor. You can turn a threatening situation into a funny one.
  3. Walk away. Don’t get into it — just walk away.
  4. Use your creative imagination. Use your imagination to cleverly resolve conflict.
  5. Agree with the bully. Let insults go — don’t fight back.
  6. Refuse to fight. The winner of the fight is the one who prevents it.
  7. Stand up to the bully. Stick up for yourself. Just say NO!
  8. Scream/yell. A powerful shout can end conflict before it starts.
  9. Ignore the threat. Bounce back — don’t let it bother you.
  10. Use authority. Call a proper authority to help you defeat the bully.
  11. Reason with the bully. Use the most powerful tool you have — your brain.
  12. Take a stance. Be a victor — not a victim.

 Complete your second lesson by coming in, earning your white belt and breaking a board in front of your parents!